How to Find and Retain Loyal Customers.

One of the biggest missed opportunities in business is failing to nurture return customers. While acquiring new shoppers is important, keeping your current customers happy should be equally as important. However, most businesses don’t realize that they’re neglecting their most valuable customers, which could eventually lead to the loss of loyal shoppers.

How do you know who your loyal customers are?

  • Price loyal — these customers don’t necessarily have an affinity towards your brand. What they like is your price point. If it ever goes up, these customers may not be returning.
  • Product loyal — these customers are loyal to one or few very specific products. They continuously reorder the same item and rarely add anything new to their cart.
  • Brand loyal — these are your truly loyal customers that will swear by your brand and products. They will often try different products and are the first to purchase any new items. They may love your product, but what they actually love more is your brand and what it represents.

How to grow your loyal customer base

  • Keep it short and simple: Don’t overload your customers with information. Keep your communications short and to the point to avoid wasting their time. It will also feel like less of a task for your customers when you keep your messages concise.
  • Provide value: You don’t always have to sell your products in every message. There are ways to communicate your brand value that could help influencer sales. For instance, you can send your customers valuable content, customer stories and company updates. These all add value to your brand, without directly selling your products.
  • Be timely and relevant: Trigger-based and personalized emails will always be valuable. When you truly understand your customer’s needs at the moment, it can make all the difference in the customer experience and effectively nudge them to the next steps.

Maximize value of returning customers



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