Medical Cannabis Learning Network increases its outreach into the natural health food sector

Raji Kalra
3 min readJul 25, 2020


TORONTO, ONTARIO, July 22, 2020 — MPX International Corporation (“MPX International”, “MPXI” or the “Corporation”) (CSE: MPXI) is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, 2702148 Ontario Inc. dba Medical Cannabis Learning Network (“MCLN”), a leading Canadian private web-based cannabis portal, has entered into a non-exclusive agreement dated July 15, 2020 (the “Agreement”) with Miramedia Retail Inc. (“Miramedia”) to create a new MCLN branded web-based portal, “MiraCBD”.

The Agreement calls for MPXI, in conjunction with Miramedia, to jointly develop the MiraCBD portal and for Miramedia to utilize with retailers, natural health practitioners and consumers to connect their customers to the MCLN platform.

MiraCBD will provide retailers, natural health practitioners and consumers with access to the MCLN platform which operates as: (a) a private network educational platform, providing information about the use of medical cannabis; (b) a telemedicine medium providing patient access to medical practitioners for advice and cannabis prescriptions from MCLN’s affiliate, Spartan Wellness Corporation; and a sales platform for Canadian cannabis Licence Holders. MCLN earns educational and consultation fees from Licence Holders subscribing to its services.

Miramedia is a retail technology company which currently owns and operates Peopletail, one of Canada’s leading product review communities that enables “people-to-people” shopping and where consumers can discover products before they buy. Peopletail connects user reviews to over 900 e-commerce retailers.

“We work with retailers and natural health practitioners who are very passionate about the role of CBD and THC for their client’s health,” stated Miramedia’s co-founder, Raji Kalra. “We are excited to be able to create the MiraCBD portal to educate consumers on the natural benefits of medicinal CBD/Cannabis.”

“We continue to find innovative ways to expand the Medical Cannabis Learning Network,” said Michael Arnkvarn, Chief Operating Officer, Canada of MPXI. “This relationship will provide a significant and fluid referral program between Miramedia’s network of retailers, natural health practitioners and the MCLN and allow us to continue to expand the MCLN’s potential for new revenue generation.”

About Miramedia Retail Inc.

Miramedia Retail Inc. is a retail technology company. It owns and operates Peopletail, one of Canada’s largest product review communities that enables people-to-people shopping, and where consumers discover products before they buy. Peopletail connects user reviews to over 900 e-commerce retailers. Miramedia Retail is part of IBM’s Tech Accelerator Program where they use Watson to collect and share consumer insights for brands they work with through the Peopletail platform.

About MCLN

MCLN is a video learning engagement and reward company specializing in the development and delivery of video learning for distribution to doctors, patients and staff through the MCLN portal, a private, secure and controlled medical cannabis network. The MLCN is designed to, among other things, educate and inform individuals on medical cannabis, facilitate compliant medical consultations and permit the sale of cannabis products from licence holders through the fulfillment of medical cannabis prescriptions.

About MPX International Corporation

MPX International Corporation is a multinational diversified cannabis company focused on developing and operating assets across the global cannabis industry with an emphasis on cultivating, manufacturing and marketing products which include cannabinoids as their primary active ingredient.